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Around the world

Around the world menu choices

Tired of the same old BBQs.

Why not try a meatball party to spice up a casual get together.

Did you know that meatballs recipes can be dated as far back as the ancient Romans. Almost 2500 years ago.

Since the Romans, the humble meatball has migrated around the world, from Europe to Asia and as far as the Americas.

We now have a smorgasbord of tastes and smells that are synonymous with every region around the globe.

So sit back, let us bring you a taste of the world and enjoy the sensation.

A Culinary experience

Your guests will enjoy a culinary experience that will take their tastebuds around the world.

Global flavours

  • Middle East spices
  • Italian with garlic, parmesan and herbs
  • Scandinavia with nutmeg spiced pork
  • And a range of Asian flavours

All served in our distinctive porcelain spoons, encapsulating the unique flavours of each dish in a convenient bite size portion.

Perfect for that casual get together that still needs to be a little bit special and unique.

Gluten free and vegetarian menus available. Please ask us about these options.